Our staff includes project managers and designers, inspectors, industrial hygienists, geologists, and environmental scientists.  As a team, we

  • remain current with Federal, State and local regulation,

  • maintain constructive relationships with the regulatory community,

  • provide valuable information to ensure the safety of employee working conditions,

  • comply with all applicable environmental regulations,

  • ensure excellent on-site project management and oversight, and

  • advise accurately and provide expeditious results.

Additionally, we have a full-service on-site lab where we provide our clients with rapid and accurate results for Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM), Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM), and microbial analyses.


Bernard Hurley: Bernard Hurley is the owner and CEO of Family Environmental and serves as a Senior Industrial Hygiene Consultant for a wide range of environmental assessment, mitigation, and site-clearing projects.   Mr. Hurley has over 20 years of technical experience in environmental inspections, including project design and management with extensive experience managing and coordinating large scale environmental projects.  With 12 years of construction and demolition experience, Mr. Hurley specializes in managing and coordinating multi-disciplinary environmental and demolition projects. 




Marissa Urdiales: Ms. Urdiales is the manager of our in-house laboratory, River North Environmental Testing (RNET). She holds a biology degree from the University of Notre Dame and has over 6 years of experience in the environmental testing industry, including the fields of PLM, PCM, mycology, and bacteriology.  RNET is accredited through the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) for asbestos and maintains proficiency with the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) for mycological testing.



Jeremy Rowland: Mr. Rowland is a Principal Environmental Scientist with 30 years of experience in environmental science, consulting and management.  Mr. Rowland has extensive experience with multi-disciplinary project development, management, regulatory compliance and negotiation, reporting writing, field investigations, quality control, and data management. 

Michael Dustman: Mr. Dustman is the Kansas City, Missouri Office Manager and a Senior Industrial Hygienist for Family Environmental.  Mr. Dustman has been with Family Environmental for 11 years.  His past experience includes program management for industrial hygiene firms and QA/QC review with clients ranging from USEPA, State of Missouri, City of Kansas City, numerous commercial property management firms, development partners and private industry.  Mr. Dustman brings particular expertise in brownfield redevelopment projects involving contaminants of concern, such as asbestos, lead-based paint, mold, hazardous wastes, and contaminated soil and groundwater.  Typical projects include: abatement, stabilization, mitigation, or remediation design; project management; oversight; and QA/QC of contractor work practices in association with Federal, State and local environmental regulations.